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The Sea Dragon are mating again in their new home!


Again this year march 27th 2014. We found eggs on the bottom of the tank yesterday but we cannot tell if any were deposited on the males tail or not. I will have to get in the tank and swim with them to find out! Sounds like fun, right?

The tank is a chilling 60 degree F!!! The dragons continue to dance so chances are good that she still has more eggs to transfer to the male!! Lets hope she is successful!!

Hawaiian Pygmy now eating frozen mysis!

Hawaiian Pelagic Pygmy

Hawaiian Pelagic Pygmy now ready for shipping! 
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Sea Dragons and 1st Generation Hippocampus fisheri Mating at Ocean Rider


Exciting News at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

  • Sea Dragons are mating at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. 
  • 1st Generation Hippocampus fisheri Mating at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm.



An up-close look at Ocean Rider Hawaiian aqua farms & Hawaii conservation tours.


An up-close look at the Hawaiian aqua farm, Ocean Rider and interview with Carol Cozzi-Schmarr. Carol discusses the efforts in captive breeding of seahorses and the impact of the world's ecosystems - particularly Hawaii.

Tours of the Ocean Rider aqua farm are available and encouraged by all who visit Kona, Hawaii. Tickets may be purchased on-line today !  Tour times this summer at noon and 2 pm Monday through Friday!



Christian's Tour of the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm


Passing on conservation values. Protecting animals and the seas. Learn more - it's Fun!

From the movie "A Different Kind of Farm". Learn more about Hawaiian aqua farming and the Ocean Rider seahorse and marine life aqua farms of Kona Hawaii.



Ocean Rider Highlighted in the Wall Street Journal

We've been been noticed! Wooh-hooo.

Ocean Rider farms and efforts have drawn the attention of the Wall Street Journal. We have included the video and the article reprint featured in the August 17th USA edition.

The Sea Dragons celebrated their excitement July 19th,2011 with another batch of eggs on the noon tour!!!!

We are offering 3 tours per day for the Holiday Season, Monday through Friday at 10am, noon, amd 2 pm. Please call ahead for reservations! Aloha!