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Nifurpirinol (Furanase)

Nifurpirinol is a nitrofuran antibiotic that is the active ingredient in many commercial preparations designed for use in the aquarium.  It is stable in saltwater and rapidly absorbed by fish, making it the preferred treatment for fungal infections in seahorses (Burns, 2002).  Nifurpirinol is photosensitive and may be inactivated in bright light, so use this medication only in a darkened hospital tank.  A must-have medication for fungal problems.

Nifurpirinol may be combined with neomycin (see below) to produce a potent broad-spectrum medication that's effective against both fungus and bacteria.  Nifurpirinol/neomycin is therefore a great combination to use when you're not certain whether the infection you are treating is fungal or bacterial in nature.   

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